Playground Rules

Playground Rules

  1. Basketballs - used for basketball games only.
  2. Red rubber balls - used for handball games, dodge ball games, four square, and nation ball games. Not to be kicked or sat on at anytime.
  3. Soccer balls – used for soccer or kickball games in the upper field. This is the only ball allowed to be kicked.


  1. Only the lower tier can be used for twirling.
  2. Two other tiers can be used only for doing chin ups.
  3. No “death drops” allowed.


  1. Line starts at one end, facing the school.
  2. One person may go at a time.
  3. Hands only; NO sitting or standing on the top.


  1. Flip on legs and stomach.
  2. One (1) student per bar.
  3. Students waiting for thier turn will count to 30 (1 Rivera, 2 Rivera, etc…)
  4. No standing on the bar.
  5. Both hands on the bars at all times.
  6. No sweaters or sweatshirts allowed to be tied onto the bar.
1. One person going across at a time. 
2. Hands only; no feet; no sitting or standing on top.
3. Go only one way; towards Earhart. 
4. No “chicken”
5. Wait patiently in line; no pushing or shoving


1. Student will wait at the bottom until the other student is going down the slide ~ then he / she may climb up the ladder.
2. Student will go down with feet first and with legs straight.
3. Student will slide down by himself/herself.
4. No walking up the slide.No jumping of or standing at the top of the slide.
5. No “grinding” on the side of the slide. 
6. Students are not allowed to put sand/wood chips on the slide.

1. Student must be sitting up and swing front to back only.
2. There will be NO standing or hanging on the swing.
3. Students waiting for a turn will count to 30 – slowly. (1 Rivera, 2 Rivera, etc.) (Kinders count to 10 until after first trimester) When counting, student will stand back far enough to avoid getting hit.
4. Count backs are allowed when all the swings are full
5. No twisting or swinging sideways.
6. No pushing anyone on the swing.
7. No “backward drop” or jumping off the swing allowed.
8. No running around, behind or through the swings.
9. No rolling the swing up to make it higher.
1. No closed games.
2. Five players per team (total of 10 people on the court). Players above that number make it necessary for subs to rotate in and out, after a player makes a basket. 
3. Before school: First 2 courts are for primary. Other 4 courts are for upper grades.

DODGE BALL (only played during PE with teacher supervision)

  1. Only a red ball can be used – below the waist only.
  2. Only ten (10) students allowed in the middle of the circle.


  1. No shoe shiners: if it hits your foot, you are out.
  2. Ball has to go in another person’s square
  3. One bounce or no bounce.
  4. No “tea party” or “war” games.


  1. Rocks for markers are not allowed to play this game.


  1. Individual or group jumping allowed.
  2. No “helicopter”, tug-of war, “high-jumps” or “limbo rocks” allowed.
  3. Ropes cannot be used to tie up or tie around a person.


  1. Similar to a baseball game except played by kicking a soccer ball.
  2. Allowed in the upper field ONLY when a teacher/supervisor is monitoring the game.

NATION BALL (only played during PE with teacher supervision)

  1. Similar to a dodge ball game, except played on a basketball court – upper grade only.
  2. Each team will have 5 players and 2 goalies.
  3. A person is out when the ball hits them below the waist
  4. “Subs” stands on one side of the court—behind the line.
  5. Rotations will be as followed: A person is out, a goalie replaces him, a "sub" replaces the goalie.


  • Game is played with a soccer ball (white ball) only.
  • Allowed in the upper field—only when there is a teacher or supervisor monitoring the game.


  1. After 3 wins – you’re out.
  2. Person must stand on one side of the court – “bridges” are allowed (one foot can go over the line).
  3. Primary students can catch the ball, and then hit it when the ball is going towards them (the opposite way).
  4. No rope grabbing, no “bottle caps”, no chancies, no helpies, no “e’s”.

Handball is a court game in which two teams, each with one or two players, alternately hits a ball against the wall with their hands. Each team tries to hit the ball back against the wall, before it hits the ground twice. How the Game is Played:

o Players coming into play must come from the front of the line.

o If a player wishes to play as a team, he/she must pick the person in front of the line.

o One player start the game as the “server”. He/she takes the ball in one hand then hits it with his/her other hand, driving it into the ground then up against the wall.

o The other player must return the ball to the wall by either hitting it on the fly (before the first bounce) or after the ball bounces once in the court; knock it into the ground and up against the wall.

o The players take turns hitting the ball in this way until one player misses. The player, who misses, is out.


o Absolutely NO picking teammates from the middle or at the end of the line. First person in line is the next person to play.

o When playing as a team, and one teammate gets out, then his/her partner is also out. (Team out).

o If a player hits the ball to the wall, then the ball goes outside the court, that player is out.

o Players are not allowed to block each other from hitting the ball (“body block”).

o People standing in line, must stay out of the court and stand behind the line.

o No “slices” nor “babies” (these are made-up names).

o There areNOdouble hits, catching, “popcorn”, “bubbles”, “straight A’s”, “newspaper”, “waterfalls”, “friendships”, “road runners”, “butts up”, etc. allowed!!!


  • NO toys, trading cards, laser pointers, cameras or electronic games, or inappropriate books or magazines are allowed to be brought from home.
  • NO football or baseball games during lunch recess. (These games are allowed at PE only with teachers’ supervision)
  • NO chasing games with the exception of “Freeze Tag” or line tag played within a court
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